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Improve your child’s communication from anywhere with TherAcademy

Do you wonder about your child’s future?

Do you despair that you don’t know how to help them? Well meaning people around you might recommend to ‘wait and see’, but your gut tells you to keep looking for help. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the information out there. To add pressure to the situation, when you do get in with a therapist – the waiting list can be more than 12 months long! That’s a scary figure when we all know that the early years of development are critical for future success.

We hear you. We share your frustration.

TherAcademy was designed to give families like yours a jump on the waiting list and a head start on your therapy – even before you step into a clinic!

Introducing ‘Talk With Me’

TherAcademy™ Talk With Me, is specifically designed to teach you how to use your adult, mature communication system to teach your child how to grow their developing communication system.

We hear you. We share your frustration.
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Precious time lost on waiting lists can not be recovered.
Start improving your child’s development with ‘Talk With Me’ by TherAcademy

‘Talk With Me’ can help if your child…

Is between 1 and 4 years old
Gets frustrated that they can’t get their message across
Has difficulty understanding you
Has difficulty playing with you or other children
Has fewer words than they should

‘Talk With Me’ is for you if you…

Want to raise early communicators by learning the ways to support your child’s communication skills
Want to get the best out of your child’s face to face therapy by learning insider secrets to supporting therapy at home, or
Are worried about your child’s communication development

What’s included in TherAcademy’s ‘Talk With Me’ course

Two months of access to the course with 5 easily digestible modules that take you step-by-step through therapy principles and strategies for early communication:
Learning To Communicate: How & why we learn to communicate
Everyday Communication: How to practice communication everyday
Strategic Moves: Insider strategies to teach your child the communication skills they need
Attention Time: How to get your child’s attention & teach them to take turns
Bringing It All Together: Using Play, Music and Books to bring your child’s new skills together

Coaching Calls

Twice weekly group coaching calls with a TherAcademy therapist covering a range of topics and helping you answer questions along the way.


Workbooks to support your learning throughout the modules. Each workbook contains practical exercises and reflection activities to support your learning.

Forum Access

Use the forum to get daily support from our coaches. Your course includes a growing resource library and access to a community of supportive parents.

Invest in yourself and your child

Time is critical in the development of young children. The actions you take now will affect your child for the rest of their lives.  You might feel helpless waiting for that appointment with a speech therapist. With TherAcademy you will have immediate access to coaches and strategies to start helping yourself and making a difference for your child today even - even whilst you wait!  
At $300, Talk With Me is great value, especially when you consider the cost of traditional therapy.  Every time you visit the clinic you might expect to pay around $200 a session, up to two times a week.  That's a cost of around $3200 over 8 weeks.  Even more, if you want home visits!  If you want the therapist to design home practice and activity resources, you might expect to pay extra again.  And that's just the cost of therapy - never mind the inconvenience and cost of travel, parking, and time out of work.  
We've designed our courses with you in mind - not only can you learn anytime, anywhere you like, but you will learn how to bring therapy into your daily routines - no lengthy practice sessions trying to keep your child focused!  In Talk With Me, you will learn the basics of therapy techniques to promote early language and bring them to life in everyday situations with your child - things that therapists might spend months teaching you at the start of therapy.  
With TherAcademy's Talk With Me course, you get 8 weeks of premium course materials and workbooks, as well as a bonus of two months access to TherAcademy's Forum (valued at $500), which includes:
  • 16 therapist-led, interactive group support sessions, 
  • access to a growing resource library of therapy ideas, information and visual resources, and 
  • daily support and interaction from qualified coaches 
  • 7 Day Value money-back Guarantee*

All for less than the cost of 2 visits to the clinic!


*The TherAcademy Value Guarantee

If you have not received value after the first week, we will refund the balance of /remaining 7 weeks, less material costs (workbooks). Each refund request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and where genuine value has not been received or is unable to be received, refunds will be granted at the discretion of the TherAcademy Team 
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