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occupational therapy
and dietetics.

What we do

We support you to achieve your therapy goals no matter where in life or in the world you are. Person-centred care means that our service is family centred, empathetic, and with the intention of building self-confidence in every area of life.

Our therapists have over 100 years collective clinical experience and are committed to giving comprehensive, coordinated, and team-based support; recognizing that developmental difficulties are often complex, and should be treated with services that promote participation in the natural environment, in everyday contexts.

What we treat

Speech delays
Sensory processing difficulties
Fussy or picky eaters
Early childhood social skill development
Early childhood communication
And even more!

You can change your child's life today!

Developmentally supportive in everyday contexts
We promote kids' participation in their natural environments by offering therapy in everyday contexts which provides more authentic learning experiences. Considering how therapy fits within our social and cultural framework, we can maximize the acquisition of skills appropriate to every child’s cognitive level, personal interests, and individual strengths.
Based on highest quality evidence available
Drawn from a variety of sources including the values and perspectives of professionals and clients which inform clinical opinion, taking advice from industry professional consensus, and the most up-to-date peer-reviewed empirical research so that our services are based on the highest quality evidence available.
Team-Based & Comprehensive
Services are coodinated across our team as we recognise that difficulties may co-exist in multiple developmental domains like communication, behavioural, social, cognitive, motor skills. We work across disciplines with our therapy team to address issues.
Family-centred & culturally responsive
Responsive care means that we recognise the family's environment, values, and beliefs as the context in which children develop, learn, and find lifelong support, therefore the family unit is the focus of care and can choose who the primary recipient of therapy services is, and to what extent.

Our approach

We want to teach parents how to do therapy at home as the person that your child knows and trusts best, in the environments that they are most familiar with, equipped with real tools and professional support. Traditional therapy delivery is tiring when you have to haul kids from ballet to karate to therapy in between after school errands and backseat meltdowns only to spend thousands of dollars on short sessions over the year that no one seems to be awake for.

This is therapy done differently: we teach you lasting techniques that you can incorporate into the life you already lead, minimising disruption and maximising efficacy.

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